As you know, on Monday, April 6, it was announced that teacher-led learning will resume across the province (Phase 2). This teacher-led learning will be different than anything any of us has ever experienced.

The focus of Phase 1 (March 23-April 3) was the Ministry of Education’s Learn at Home portal, which provided resources for parents and students to support continuity of learning.

Phase 2 (starting April 6) begins the process of remote teacher-led learning.

From the Ministry of Education: It is an expectation that every student will continue to learn while in-school classes are suspended. Given the range of circumstances of students and their families, the continuity of learning will require a range of delivery options that are reasonable and practical. Teaching and learning in this evolving context will not look the same as the customary in-class experience. Our shared goal is to ensure the successful completion of the school year for all students, and to support students to advance to the next school year, earn credits and to graduate.

What This Means for Secondary Students in LDCSB

Our primary goal is to establish ongoing contact between teachers and students to allow for the continuity of learning.

These are unprecedented times for our students and families. Parents and caregivers may be under tremendous amounts of stress and anxiety. Our goal is to provide learning opportunities that are rich for students yet respect the current environment of our family households.

What is Continuity of Learning?

The focus for the first two weeks will be to re-engage our students in their learning and review concepts/topics that have been covered in class. After the first two weeks, students will be working on essential curriculum expectations that need to be met in their courses so that the they are prepared for the next grade/post-secondary destination.

Teachers will be providing about 3 hours of student work per course each week. This may include work assigned as homework.

The online platform used on the LDCSB is called the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), also known as D2L.

For students, not familiar with the VLE, tutorials are available once a student logs in to the VLE. One of the big advantages of the VLE is that students can access the content at any time. Instructions for students on how to log on to the VLE are provided at the end of this message.

We realize not all families have access to the same level of technology available at our schools. We also realize that since many parents are working from home at this time, screen access may be a challenge. We are working to repurpose LDCSB devices for families without access to a digital device (laptop, Chromebook, iPad, tablet, etc.). The school will be in contact with those families, as well as with families who do not have internet access.

Mid-Term Reports for Graduating Students

Mid-term marks will be issued for graduating students by April 23rd on work completed to date to meet admission requirements for post-secondary education.

How Students Can Access the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

  • Preferred Devices: desktop, laptop or Chromebook with internet access and the latest version of the Chrome web browser.
  • How to get there: simply go to and login with your student LDCSB email and password. Once logged in, click the orange Virtual Learning Environment button
  • Login/password issues: call the school and leave a voicemail. Families will be contacted with login information.
  • Tutorial: Once logged into the VLE, scroll down a bit and click the big red button on the right.
  • VLE is slow: the VLE might be slow at first because of high demand. Your patience is appreciated.

We ask everyone to do the best they can during these challenging times. Please pray for everyone’s health and well-being as well as a safe return to our normal routines.

Stay tuned for additional information and updates