Arrow first aired on October 10, 2012. The first episode Pilot started the series out on a dramatic note with the rescuing of the protagonist Oliver Queen, who is played by Stephen Amell, off an island that he was shipwrecked on.

The series is set in a fictional city called Star City following the double life of Oliver Queen, a man who plays a vigilante in search of bettering the city by acting as Judge and Jury.

The show is based off one of DC’s characters, the Green Arrow. There are 8 seasons with a total of 170 episodes and each episode is around 43 minutes long. As the series unfolds, you can also see the progression in the actors as they mature and grow into the characters that they play.

The series takes place in modern times with some technological advances. The story line remains pretty consistent throughout the series and the fights are numerous and effective but can be quite long and slow moving.

If you’re searching for a show filled with action, drama, and humor, then Arrow is the show for you. Arrow has a couple spin-off shows like The Flash and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow that are based on some of DC’s other characters that you might like if you enjoyed Arrow.

Make sure that you don’t partake in any undertakings, so that you don’t get a visit from the Green Arrow and his famous one-liner; “You have failed this City”.