Paw Prints officially launched Monday, November 18 2019. Since then, we have had almost 450 unique visitors to our news website, from all over the world (believe it or not). Here’s a breakdown of some of the stats you may find interesting.

We have had 438 unique visitors, most of them from Canada with London, Toronto and Hamilton getting the top three spots. We have also had visitors from the United States, Australia, Japan, Germany, Spain, Croatia, and Italy. 

In terms of how people are accessing the website, 62% are using mobile, 36 are using desktops, and 2% are using a tablet.

While 50% of people are typing the address directly, we have 19% coming from referrals (JP2 website), 17% from google searches, and 14% from social media (twitter, facebook, instagram); so thank you to all those sharing our pages. 

Speaking of pages, our top three most looked at are Student Council’s Amazing Once Upon a Snowfall pictures, our thought provoking discussion on School Spirit and our Fashion show. Check them out!

Thanks for all the support so far Jags. And if you have any ideas, or suggestions, please feel free to reach out to any one involved. If you have a passion you want to share, then feel free to write about it, and we will make sure to have it published. Paw Prints is from the students, to the students.

Good luck for second semester!

*Stats updated until January 30, 2020