Here at John Paul II, every student and teacher know that there’s are only select few people who express their school spirit. This is because people believe there is nothing at the school to be proud of, and that there is blame to be passed around.  

Any student will tell you the reason for the lack of school spirit is due to the shortage of activities and sport John Paul II has to offer. Then they explain the lack of said activities and sports is due to a deficiency of teachers not volunteering to run them. However, if you ask any teacher why there is no school spirit at John Paul II the answer is student involvement and population. It seems as if the lack of school spirit is a vicious circle of blame that nobody will pick up. 

One reason students say there is no school spirit is because there is no football team. Football is seen as one of the classic high school experiences that every teen imagines as a part of their secondary school experience. But as a John Paul II student it is an experience you’ll be forfeiting. The reason? There are not enough students willing to play, no experienced coach able to help, and no teacher representative. Once again, a vicious circle of blame. 

School spirit is something that people think has a criteria, but really, school spirit is having pride in the place where you’re spending four years of your life. Although we might not have what every school has, there are still things we must be proud of. The school community turns a blind eye to the fact that we can simply be proud to be a jaguar. If we throw away the criteria that we’ve made in our heads we can be prideful that John Paul II is our school, and that is an identity in itself.