This semester Tony Adra has been doing his co-op placement at Mercedes-Benz London. Each afternoon he has been working in their automotive shop learning a variety of skills related to becoming an automotive service technician. Since he is working in a skilled trade, he is part of the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP).

On Thursday, November 21 Tony and his mother attended our OYAP Signing Night at Fanshawe College. Tony was registered as an OYAP apprentice for Automotive Service Technician.

As a registered OYAP apprentice, Tony is able to count his co-op hours towards his apprenticeship when he graduates from high school, his co-op supervisor can sign off on some of the skill sets he has mastered from his Training Standard, and he is placed on the waiting list for his first level of apprenticeship schooling.

By participating in the OYAP program, Tony now has a head start when he begins his apprenticeship after he graduates from JPII. Congratulations Tony!