The annual Be an Angel campaign is happening right now until December 10, 2019

This campaign helps families in our community who need support during the upcoming Christmas season. Each period one class decided how and if they would participate. Some classes decided to fundraise, and others decided to purchase gifts from a child’s wishlist. 

There are many unique ways that the classes have chosen to fundraise. Some classes are selling chocolates, handmade projects, or simply taking up a monetary collection. We are even planning an off-uniform day. For only $2, you will receive a wrist band that allows you to be out of uniform for the day. JAGS FM members will visit the period one classes to collect money and distribute wristbands.  Listen for the date to be announced next week sometime.

We are also having a Christmas silent auction. From Wednesday December 4th until Friday December 6th, many gift items will be on display in the library.  All these gift items have been donated by local small businesses.  You can bid on items that you want to purchase by writing your bid, being mindful of correct bidding increments, on the corresponding bid sheet and the person with the highest bid on Friday December 6th at 12:40pm will be the winner of that gift item. Money raised from the purchase of the gift items will be donated to our Be an Angel campaign. More instructions will be available in the library starting on Wednesday December 4th or by talking to our chaplain. Listen to the morning announcements for more details on how you can be supportive of the classroom and school wide fundraising initiatives.

May God bless our efforts.