As the chaplain at a high school, the door of the chaplaincy office is open to all students regardless of their faith traditions. A chaplain is supportive in all aspects of life including faith, school and home. A chaplain has good listening ears and while we might not have all the answers, we are always available to pray with you to ask for God’s help.   

A chaplain is responsible to plan liturgies including School Masses and prayer services, upkeep of the chapel and to begin each school day with prayer as well as to be present and supportive to the students and staff every day. Often, we are praying for each of you throughout the day.  

Under the direction of the Chaplain, JAGS FM, our chaplaincy team here at JPII, meets every week. They meet on Tuesdays for “Teatime Tuesday” which is the social component and is open to all students. It is a great place to meet other students and share a cup of tea and a cookie, or two.

JAGS FM meets another day of the week, either Wednesday or Thursday to discuss ways that we can make a difference within the school community. Some initiatives have included: 

  1. Thanksgiving Canned food drive: This school wide campaign was able to collect over 700 cans of non-perishable food to donate to the Mary Immaculate parish St. Vincent de Paul society’s food pantry.   
  1. Development and Peace: JAGS FM is working collaboratively with the Eco-schools team to form the “Common Home Project (CHP). This initiative will be on going throughout the school year and the goal is to raise awareness about why the Amazon rainforest is so important and what the students right here at JPII can do to protect it. More information to come in a December assembly as well as in a future Newspaper submission by a student passionate about this solidarity campaign.  
  1. “Be an Angel” campaign: Happening right now until Dec. 10, 2019. This annual campaign helps families in our community who need support during the upcoming Christmas season.  Listen to the morning announcements for more details on how you can be supportive of the classroom and school wide fundraising. May God bless our efforts. 

More initiatives are always being introduced and talked about…we invite you to come and join us for our next meeting. All are welcome.