When entering high school in 2017, it wasn’t ordinary, like it is now, to walk in a bathroom and see or be hit with the strong smell of someone using an e-cigarette. This popular trend that took the media by storm has become harmful and dangerous to the health of teenagers all over North America.    

It is common knowledge that e-cigarettes were invented as a safer than cigarettes alternative to help people quit smoking. Although this is true, it has become an overused excuse by teens to begin or continue vaping. Vaping should be avoided because of the health concerns linked to it.

E-cigarettes, vapes, or juuls have more and serious health concerns than most people want to believe. The Government of Canada (GC) states that vaping in any form may “cause popcorn lung” or damage your lungs. Minor symptoms of using e-cigarettes are shortness of breath, coughing, and chest pain. The GC also believes that using these devices can affect the cognitive section of your brain, influence your behaviour, and affect brain development. Another high risk of vaping is the addiction due to the nicotine that is common in some juuls. The long-term health risks of e-cigarettes are unknown, but anything inhaled, that is not air, is damaging for your lungs.   

All in all, vaping is extremely bad. Not only for your physical but also your mental health. If vaping has become a means for you to wean yourself from smoking cigarettes than it is a better option, but if it is not, then the risks outweigh the benefits and steps should be taken to end your vaping career.

If you’re interested in quitting, you can follow the GC’s website advice which tells you to talk to your doctor for support and advice towards a smoke-free life.

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