Two weeks ago, a few students as well as our Chaplin Ms. Carty, went to a student conference in Toronto as well as a For Our Common Home workshop at Kings University College.

This is when they became aware of the horrible issues in the Amazon. When they returned, they were eager to raise awareness! You may be wondering why the Amazon is so important to us. The Amazon is the home of half of the world’s plants and animals, 9 countries, 30 million people and 380 indigenous groups. 17% of the Amazon has already been lost! Forest the size of at least one soccer field is being burned down every minute. Canada is permitting the plunder of companies to burn the Amazon for land so that they can make profit off things like lumber, oil, minerals, hydroelectricity and more. These resources feed our growing consumer needs, but the consequences are devastating for the people of the Amazon and all of humanity. Scientists reckon deforestation is already causing the Amazon to emit more air than it absorbs. This is causing global warming and many more issues.

Who are we and what do we plan to do?

The eco system team and Jags FM have come together to create the CHP (Common Home Project). CHP has created a campaign specific to this issue. The development and peace organization want to send the Seringueiros and Mura people a letter of solidarity with 65,000 signatures to show our appreciation for their courage and reassure them that we are by their side during their struggles. Your signatures will also help us advocate for Canada and Brazil to protect the forest and its people. We need your help jags! Please join us in this campaign, we are always looking for new members and more help. If you get the chance, sign our letter, take a stand! If you prefer, you can write your own personal letter and we encourage you to draw a message of hope. We need to reach our goal before April 2020. So please jags, help us raise awareness, make sure to listen to further announcements, let’s care for our common home!

Did you know the Amazon Rainforest produces 20% of the earth’s oxygen? This means 1 of every 5 breaths we consume comes from the Amazon Rainforest!

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