It’s spooky season and to celebrate the extraordinary time of year, the 2019 Jag council organized a Spooktacular costume contest. All Jags were welcome to dress in their costumes and enter the contest to win a prize!

The contest was separated into three categories, the first being the singles competition. Our winners were a tie between Tara O’Shea as Athena and Nate McIlwain as a skeleton (First lunch). And our winner for second lunch is Tatiana Landon as Dino.

The second category was the couples contest won by Karmella Fontanilla and Porter Davidson as unicorns (First lunch), and Nicole Stapleton and Brieanna Franssen as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (Second lunch).

Our final category was the group contest and it was won by Shanelle Colindres-Hastings, Erika Franco, Emmy Laku, Rachael Steele, Sara Fernandes, Fifi Mabok and Page Gilbert as social media.

A final congratulations to all the winners, contestants, and Jaguars who dressed up and participated in the 2019 spooky season festivities!